National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility


The Thule OIB team completed the high-priority land ice mission Zachariae-79N today. The NASA GV encountered some clouds for about 200 nm west of the Greenland ridge, and flew into clear conditions on the north east region of Greenland. OIB remote sensing instruments on the GV worked well today, (with a minor disk issue for ATMT7 narrow scan green causing a small data gap on the return to Thule), and some clouds encountered on the return.

Today ICESat2 overpass (IS-2 RGT 1053) occurred at 0052Z this morning for a latency of 13 hours.

For the second day in a row, NASA had 3 aircraft conducting research over Greenland. The AVIRIS instrument flew on the B200 primarily focusing on the OIB’s northern return track across the Greenland ice sheet, and the OMG Basler BT67 flew a mission along the northwest coast of Greenland.

Flight tracks of all three NASA research aircraft over northern Greenland, The OIB NASA Gulfstream V (N95NA) in purple as it begins to return to Thule, the ICESat2 KingAir B200 AVIRIS aircraft in red as it returns to Thule ahead of the GV, and the OMG Basler BT67 in orange as it flies along the west coast of Greenland working back to Thule.

Melt ponds on Zachariae (photo by Linette McPartland)

ATM T6 wide scan elevation plot over 79N Glacier (preliminary data – not for research purposes)

ATM T6 wide scan elevation plot over 79N Glacier calving front (preliminary data – not for research purposes)