National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Thule Transit

The NASA Gulfstream V aircraft issues have been resolved, and the aircraft has flown a series of test flights to check performance before Greenland ops. Our OIB team-mates in Houston have flown to Thule Greenland to join a number of OIB folks who pre-positioned in Thule and were waiting on the deployment start.

Due to the change in deployment schedule, all OIB GV ops will be conducted from Thule Greenland this deployment.

We hope for a fast start to this OIB Summer 2019 Greenland Melt campaign!

N95NA “NASA 5” on the ramp at Ellington TX this morning (photo by John Sonntag)

On the top portion of this map (aircraft paths and balloon tags), the OIB aircraft (the GV N95NA and B-200 N53W)
both heading to Thule Greenland this afternoon (NASA flight tracker)