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Wallops Flight Facility


github repository of ATM waveform tools

atm_wvfm_reader.m  – reads ATM data files with waveforms (ILATMW1B)

atm_wvfm_info.m  – returns information about ATM waveforms

plt_wvfms.m  – plot ATM waveforms

ICESSN Reader  (click to download zip file)

  • read_icessn.m returns all fields from a single ICESSN file. read_icessn determines if the ICESSN file is in version 1 or 2 based on file extension. Requires gps2utc.m.
  • load_all_icessn.m can be used to combine all ICESSN files in a directory into a single MATLAB® file with appropriate minor modifications. load_all_icessn requires read_icessn.m, gps2utc.m, gimp_proj.mat and a license for MATLAB®’s mapping toolbox.

Description of ICESSN reader

function [lon, lat, elev_surf, time_utc, slope_sn, slope_we, rms_fit, num_pt_used, num_pt_removed, dist_cen, track_id] ...
                            = read_icessn(name_file, verbosity)
%   READ_ICESSN(NAME_FILE) returns all fields in version 1 (no extension)
%   or 2 (.csv) ICESSN file called NAME_FILE, which includes both path and
%   extension. READ_ICESSN determines which version the file is based on
%   its extension and patterns in file names.
%   Output          Name                                                                                Units
%   LAT             Latitude                                                                            decimal degrees
%   LON             Longitude                                                                           decimal degrees
%   ELEV_SURF       Surface elevation                                                                   meters above WGS84 ellipsoid
%   TIME_UTC        UTC time                                                                            days
%   SLOPE_SN        South-to-North slope                                                                dimensionless
%   SLOPE_WE        West-to-East slope                                                                  dimensionless
%   RMS_FIT         RMS fit of the ATM data to the plane                                                centimeters
%   NUM_PT_USED     Number of points used in estimating the plane parameters                            dimensionless
%   NUM_PT_REMOVED  Number of points removed in estimating the plane parameters                         dimensionless
%   DIST_CEN        Distance of the center of the block from the centerline of the aircraft trajectory  meters
%   TRACK_ID        Track identifier (numbered 1..n, starboard to port, where 0=nadir)                  dimensionless
%   READ_ICESSN(NAME_FILE,VERBOSITY) also echoes information about the
%   loaded file if VERBOSITY=TRUE.
%   Michael Studinger (NASA), Joe MacGregor (NASA)
%   Last updated: 09/09/2017