National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Preparations in Tasmania

Yesterday the OIB science teams arrived at the airport, and began checking our cargo shipment, setting up a GPS ground station, and even managed to conduct an early GPS vehicle survey of the Hobart airport ramp to be used to calibrate various OIB remote sensing instruments during calibration overflights just after science mission takeoffs.

While that was happening, NASA 5 was transiting to Hobart with two long flights yesterday. The Gulfstream V arrived in Hobart about 9 pm local time last night.

OIB had a good day of mission preparation today. The Gulfstream V had power on this morning so we could check out the OIB remote sensing instruments and offload some GV cargo. Following that activity, there was a media event with a crowd of local camera persons and reporters. The local Mercury newspaper had an early “scoop” so OIB made the front page this morning. This evening we had our first evening science mission briefing, and all looks good for a attempt tomorrow morning.

The GPS ground station antenna and the ramp survey vehicle with GPS antenna on top during the ramp survey yesterday

The NASA Gulfstream V aircraft on the Hobart ramp following a long couple of transit flights yesterday. (Photo by Eugenia De Marco)

Matt Linkswiler and Alexey Chibisov check out the ATM lidars and ancillary instruments this morning.

The local media event

Front page

And story…

Tonight’s science briefing with John Sonntag and Linette Boisvert