National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

OIB Final

Due to the NASA Gulfstream engine issue and the scheduled deployment end date, OIB will fly no more science missions for the 2019 OIB Antarctic deployment. OIB personnel will return home via commercial flights, and the Gulfstream aircraft will return to Houston following engine repair, and OIB instrument download will happen after their return.

Despite the unexpected end, this campaign was extremely successful in conducting 20 missions covering a new region of Antarctic for OIB. The OIB instruments performed very well during the Hobart missions, and we look forward to processing the data and sharing with scientists worldwide.

And for the first time in the last 26 years (15 years of Arctic Ice Mapping and 11 years of Operation IceBridge) , the ATM instrument package is not on an upcoming aircraft schedule. ICESat-2 is doing well in orbit, NASA Operation IceBridge is over, and we are still determining how the ATM might serve future research projects. I hope I can report that the ATM team will be resuming ATM sitreps for some program in the near future.

It has been a privilege, honor and pleasure being able to share ATM sitreps with you all, and hope you enjoyed reading about our research and adventures.

A “Thank You” to:
-the aircrews who flew us over all the years for keeping us safe, and completing so many science missions in hostile polar regions.
-our OIB science teammates on all the instruments that have flown with us, and all the guests who’ve flown and traveled with us for being like family.
-our friends in many countries who made us feel welcome,
-the NASA administration folks who supported ATM over the decades,
-and all of the scientists who used our data in amazing ways.

Working for NASA airborne remote sensing programs over the last 38 years, I believe I’ve had the best job in the world.