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Moscow 02

OIB had another successful flight today, completing most of Moscow 02 land ice mission. Weather on the science site was good, sunny with blue skies. No turbulence today, but we did encounter some strong steady winds which reduced our fuel efficiency, and resulted in flying the final flux gate line while climbing to transit altitude as the OIB remote sensing instruments collected data as able. All OIB remote sensing instruments reported good data collection today.

We’ll check weather tomorrow and fly another mission if possible.

Gravity and ATM teams pre-flighting instruments in a crowded Gulfstream V cabin this morning.


Hobart tower and our cargo storage building

Today’s flight track on a global scale

Detail of today’s flight track over the science site.

Overflying sea ice on the approach to the science lines

Overflying sea ice on the approach to the science lines

Crossing the edge of the Moscow University Ice Shelf as we descended to survey altitude

Crevasses just uphill of the ice shelf edge

Icebergs broken from the edge of the Moscow University Ice Shelf

Icebergs in the making

Crevasse field

One of the rocky Henry islands just offshore of the Moscow University Ice Shelf that’s a wildlife colony, so the NASA Gulfstream diverted around the island to avoid disturbing the wildlife. There are a couple of radio antenna masts on this island, purpose unknown to us. Photo by John Sonntag

Wiki note: Henry Islands- A group of four small islands in the western part of Henry Bay. Delineated from air photos taken by USN Operation Highjump (1946-47), and named by US-ACAN after Wilkes Henry, Midshipman on the sloop Vincennes during the USEE (1838-42) under Lt. Charles Wilkes

More icebergs in the making

A iceberg breaking apart, and with some interesting “dirty ice”

More of the scenery

ATM T6 wide scan elevation plot over some interesting section of the Moscow University Ice Self