National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Matusevich 01

OIB completed the Matusevich 01 land ice mission today. The mission was once again flown in sunny clear conditions and with only occasional mild turbulence. All OIB remote sensing instrumentation reported successful data collection  (ATM T6 green wide scan, T7 green and IR narrow scan,  ATM ancillary sensors CAMBOT, FLIR, and the dual HeadWall VNIR and SWIR imaging spectrometer, CReSIS Snow and MCoRDS instruments, and the LDEO gravimeter). A Hobart ramp overflight was completed at 1500’ just before landing.

Tomorrow will be a “hard down” day for crew rest, OIB missions will resume on Friday in Hobart.

Scenery south of Hobart along the River Derwent

Wide view of today’s flight track

Detail of today’s flight track

Below are many images of the Matusevech Glacier, its ice shelf and nearby sea ice: