National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility


IceBridge successfully completed a modified high-priority land ice mission K-EGIG-Summit today (the Gulfstream has enough range to cover some missions designed to be flown from Kangerlussuaq). This mission was selected as K-EGIG-Summit is a high-priority mission and the forecast and Summit station webcam showed clear skies. A sea ice mission was too risky based on weather conditions and low clouds/haze over the sea ice pack.

From Matt and the ATM tema in the field “Another day, another good flight in Greenland for OIB on the GV.  The weather cooperated over central Greenland to allow us to fly the high-priority mission: K-EGIG-Summit.  This mission got a lot of repeat flight lines from the same mission in the spring, and again gave us an up-close view of Summit Station.

All instruments operated without any issues and collected data over nearly all of the data lines, except for a short segment in the southwest corner.”

Today’s flight track with NASA 5 heading back to Thule at altitude.

Summit station (John Sonntag/NASA)