National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

IceSat-2 North

OIB had a very good initial flight for the 2019 Arctic Summer Melt campaign today. The mission flown today was the  high-priority land-ice mission “IceSat-2 North” covering several ICESat2 ground tracks, with an under flight of ICESat2 RGT (1048) with low latency (of about an hour) which occurred at 1707 UTC local time.

The OIB science instrumentation teams all reported good data from the CReSIS snow radar, ATM T6 and T7 lidars and ancillary ATM sensors (CAMBOT, FLIR and HeadWall).

The NASA AVIRIS sensor onboard the B200 also flew a shortened IS-2 North mission today in tandem with OIB, as well as the Basler aircraft flying an Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission along the west coast of Greenland (Three different NASA remote sensing aircraft over Greenland today!)

Today’s NASA aircraft flying their flight tracks over Greenland today (the Gulfstream V red track, the B200 is the brown track and the Basler is the orange track)

View from the NASA Gulfstream V aft cabin looking forward (photo Alexey Chibisov)

The ATM T6 (green) and T7 (green and IR) lidar data systems at the ATM station

From top to bottom of the image, the NASA Gulfstream V, the OMG Basler, and the ICESat2 AVIRIS KingAir B200 following today’s missions (Photo by Eugenia Demarco)

ATM T6 wide scan surface elevation plot over the calving outward edge of Petermann Glacier (preliminary data, not for research purposes)

The outboard edge of Petermann Glacier’s ice shelf from the window of the GV (photo John Sonntag /NASA).