National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Denman 01

OIB completed a successful “Denman 01” land ice mission today, somewhat shortened due to fuel concerns on this very extended range mission. The NASA Gulfstream V flew ~9.5 hours to provide OIB with 39 minutes of  very important, low level remote sensing data today.

Shackleton Ice Shelf region was the only clear mission in our Gulfstream V aircraft range today, due once again to katabatic flow (downslope winds). The clear conditions were indicated by three weather models and confirmed pre-flight by MODIS and very low-latency AVHRR imagery, the latter kindly and most helpfully furnished by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology personnel are now on-station at Casey Station and can receive and email imagery to us just prior to our go/no go decision time. For a long-range mission with a very short time on station (one low level science line), confirmation of weather conditions is a huge help.

All OIB remote sensing instruments reported good data collection today.

OIB will take a rest day tomorrow, based on Antarctic weather conditions and the need to “reset” crew duty clocks.

It was an overcast morning in Hobart. Yesterday afternoon, a forest fire north of Hobart created dense smoke in the city, but that cleared in the evening.

We’ll resume OIB science mission attempts on Friday (Hobart time).

Large view of today’s flight track

Detail of today’s mission science line

Yesterday’s smoke in Hobart

OIB crowd during pre-flight this morning

ATM CAMBOT image of interesting patterns on the surface ice from today’s mission