National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Cook-Ninnis 02

OIB successfully completed the “Cook-Ninnis 02” mission today.  All OIB instruments reported good data collection.

OIB will attempt another mission tomorrow, weather permitting.

The north edge of Cook Ice Shelf (John Sonntag / NASA)

Horn Bluff, midway between Cook and Ninnis Glaciers. We gave this feature a wide berth today, because it is thought to host a wildlife colony (John Sonntag / NASA).

An iceberg situated in a large polynya off Ninnis Glacier, partly surrounded by heavily rafted young sea ice (John Sonntag / NASA)

Very thin sea ice and grease ice forming around an iceberg (Alexey Chibosov / ATM NASA)

Crevassed ice on the Ninnis Glacier (Alexey Chibsov / ATM NASA)

GV on the Hobart runway this morning (Ricky Damazio/ JSC NASA)