National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Cook-Ninnis 01

OIB completed the “Cook-Ninnis 01” land ice mission today with the NASA flight report stating “completely clear skies and occasional light turbulence. All instruments performed well, 100% successful data collection minus the bad MCoRDS channel. Due to fuel concerns, we began climb-out 60 km prior to the final waypoint (on the easternmost leg of the Cook fluxgate), but continued collecting data on all instruments until past the final waypoint. We performed a ramp pass at 1500 ft AGL on arrival at Hobart.”

The OIB team will check the weather tomorrow and launch a mission if possible.

The NASA OIB team and NASA 5 in Hobart

Wide view of today’s mission

Detail of the flight track over the science site

Left winglet of N95NA during a turn, over a background of strikingly large sastrugi on slow-moving ice between Cook and Ninnis Glaciers (John Sonntag / NASA)

Snow-covered crevasses on upper Ninnis Glacier, with the vast interior of East Antarctica stretching to the horizon (Caitlin Locke / LDEO)