National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Cook Flowlines

OIB completed the “Cook Flowlines” land ice mission today in good weather conditions and generally calm air up on the continent. The survey covered the two main ice flow lines that feed the Cook Ice Shelf. All OIB remote sensing instrument on the NASA Gulfstream V reported good data collection.

OIB will check the weather tomorrow morning and attempt a mission if possible. Tomorrow will feature another early (7am) takeoff to support an ICESat2 underflight if possible.

NASA 5 at dawn today

Wide view of today’s flight track.

Detail of today’s flight track

Edge of the Cook Ice Shelf, under heavy overcast (John Sonntag / NASA).

Subtle, periodic surface features around 72.2S 145.9E that were only visible with certain sun angles (John Sonntag / NASA).

Our emotional support devil, comfortably wedged beneath the primary navigation display (John Sonntag / NASA).