National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility


The OIB GV flight and science teams completed the sea ice “Casey” mission today in good weather conditions. This was a long distance transit, 1.6 hours of data collected during the  ~9.5 hour mission. Two of the survey lines were cut from this mission due to fuel concerns, however this worked in our favor because they were located in the center of this large polynya where no sea ice was present. During the flight all instruments performed well and there was 100% data collection. 

All OIB remote sensing instruments reported good data collection again today.

Tomorrow OIB will check weather and attempt a mission if possible.

Low-res view of today’s flight track

Detail of today’s flight track plotted on ice flow velocity map

NASA JSC aircraft maintainer “Angel” who keeps our ATM optical windows extremely clean (Thanks!)

OIB folks on the ground today visited at tea time with the University of Tasmania Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) researchers.

Casey Station as NASA 5 flew by

Vincennes Bay icebergs

CAMBOT image of sea ice

ATM T6 wide scan elevation map of sea ice

CAMBOT image of “wavey sea ice”

ATM T6 wide scan elevation map of “wavy sea ice”

ATM T6 wide scan elevation map of “wavy sea ice”