National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

ASUMA Traverse

OIB successfully completed the land ice “ASUMA Traverse” mission today in clear skies and a little turbulence near the coast, but then smooth conditions inland.

This mission is designed to overfly the ASUMA Traverse which was a ground survey of snow accumulation taken by scientists from France’s Antarctic Station Dumont D’Urville, which we also flew by on this mission. The ASUMA Traverse was done in 2016, and the main goals were to collect data on snow and snow accumulation in order to get a better understanding of the snow physics and the processes that are responsible for its temporal and spatial variations in this part of Antarctica. Today IceBridge was able to bridge the data gap from these measurements on the ground to satellite data. Snow processes and accumulation are important in Antarctica because of its role in surface mass balance of the ice sheet.

Today OIB collected valuable snow radar, MCoRDS, and ATM data (T6, T7 (IR and green, CAMBOT, HeadWall, and FLIR) along this traverse line. All instruments performed well with 100% data collection. 

OIB will attempt another mission south tomorrow, weather permitting.

Large view of today’s flight track

Detail of today’s flight track

It was a pleasant warm morning so the pre-mission brief took place on baggage carts near the GV

NASA 5 climbing out

Lower Francais Glacier (John Sonntag / NASA)

France’s Dumont D’Urville Station, on Antarctica’s Adelie Coast (John Sonntag/ NASA)

MCoRDS echogram from the Denman 01 science mission on 10/30/19. This is an echogram taken over a very blue, bare ice patch. (Jilu Li/ CReSIS)