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Wallops Flight Facility

Data Products

The best way to find and use ATM data is through the NSIDC ICEBridge portal at this link  –

2015 Fall Arctic ATM data expected to be released May 01 2016

Below are direct links to data housed at NSIDC

Altimetry Products Ancillary data products
QFIT (narrow & wide) KT-19 Pyrometer Thermal Imaging (FLIR)
ICESSN Camera/Optical Spectrometer
dh/dt GPS trajectories  


The primary data product from the ATM laser altimeter is “QFIT”.  A QFIT file is a collection of geolocated laser shots tagged with time and elevation.  ICESSN is a sub-sampled version of QFIT which separates the data in platelets making it smaller and easier to analyze.  An example of QFIT vs ICESSN is in the image below


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